BPN Industrial Cluster: 100% useful


BPN Industrial Cluster: 100% useful

2007-2017. BPN’s 10th anniversary is being proudly celebrated as the cluster has been remarkably active supporting the Naval, MRE and Oil&Gas industries over the past decade. Year over year, Bretagne Pôle Naval has got stronger and as many as 180 businesses now enliven the network, thus adding 24,000 professionals for greater economic strength.

Our membership has more than doubled in 10 years!

Membership has risen by 246% over this period. The increase has not come about by chance; it is the result of the daily support the Members get from the Cluster, through close liaising and efficient actions that boost competitiveness.



BPN’s DNA: a matter-of-fact, efficient, performance-driven approach

Keeping focused on its Member’s results and competitive edge, BPN is making every effort to support the Breton maritime economy:

18 Breton entrepreneurs sit on BPN’s Board of Directors to make the organisation a very responsive one; its flexibility enables to meet the various challenges faced by the businesses and industries.

Efficiency through simplicity! With its optimal piloting and straightforward organisation, BPN’s small team is attuned to its members. There is no administrative maze and the instructions boil down to: ‘Do it once, do it right!’

BPN is made up of 3 operational clusters and 3 very busy support committees. A number of services and tasks are performed daily, including a watch for government tenders that is circulated to our Members every morning plus the yearly delivery of 38,500 pieces of useful info and alerts.

Marketing operations:

BPN is a label; it also promotes business boosters and a registered trademark, Shelti Breizh, the first-ever range of innovative, 100% Breton shipping containers that offer genuine technical workshops, power units and accommodation, all bespoke and fully equipped.

Skills are the backbone of the Cluster:

BPN’s first and foremost concern is with people. Since day one, men and women have been receiving all the care and attention of our Employment, Training and Legal Committee. Human resources that are enthusiastic, inspired and innovative get all sorts of support from the Committee: help is offered through the hiring process, to manage the needs for jobs and skills or develop initial and continuing training from apprenticeship to master’s degree levels. BPN also connects businesses and people at the Pro&Mer Job Fair with a specific career service – an event set up by BPN for its Members.  All of which effectively boost the industries.


BPN wants to be the flagship of a top-ranking Breton maritime industry

BPN’s ambition is to make the outstanding local expertise known and renowned in France and abroad, and promote it globally.




Bretagne Pôle Naval

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