Socarenam now selling more naval vessels

Socarenam now selling more naval vessels

Socarenam, based in northern France, has developed a range of offshore patrol vessels in collaboration with naval architecture firm Bureau Mauric. The designs use steel hulls and aluminium superstructures and are tailored for extended offshore patrols. Drawing on their long experience in commercial and general shipbuilding, Socarenam and Bureau Mauric offer a family of platforms that are user-friendly, rugged, economical and easy to maintain, with hulls optimised for good seakeeping and low fuel consumption.

In 2014 and 2015, Socarenam delivered two 52m OPVs to Belgium under the country’s Ready Duty Ship (RDS) programme, giving the shipbuilder its first foothold on the international OPV market. The type carries a 9m RHIB on davits and a 7.5m RHIB on its aft launch ramp and is equipped with a Sewaco management system controlling the ship’s sensors and weaponry, including a 12.7mm remotely-operated machine gun. The Belgian Navy uses them to strengthen its presence in the North Sea for fisheries policing, commercial shipping inspections and combatting trafficking and pollution, not to mention search & rescue.


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A larger version was delivered to the French customs authority in 2015. This order followed the delivery to the same customer, of two 43m OPVs in 2007 and 2008. The larger cutter is based in the Mediterranean where the EU’s Frontex agency uses it to combat narcotics trafficking and illegal immigration. The design offers 250 days’ at-sea availability per year, a top speed of 21 knots and a range of 3,500nm at 16 knots thanks to two diesel engines with a combined power rating of 4,750kW. Other features include a bow thruster, accommodation for 24, including a complement of 14, a powerful surveillance sensor suite and machine guns (7.5 to 12.5mm) as well as one 9m and one 6m RHIB on davits.


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In October 2016, Socarenam completed a 61m patrol vessel for the French Navy, the second-of-type being scheduled for delivery in Q2 2017. These PLG-type ships are designed specifically for use in French Guiana where they will operate both at sea and in major estuaries. The PLG type carries a Narwhal 20mm remotely-operated machine gun and two 7m RHIBs, one on davits the other on the aft launch ramp. These ships will be used for policing fisheries, combatting drugs trafficking and to protect the Kourou space centre as well as to assist vessels in difficulty and for search & rescue.


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In July 2016, Socarenam delivered the Seudre, the first of a new generation of coastguard cutters for the French customs authority. Like Socarenam’s OPV range, this product line from the northern France shipbuilder was designed in partnership with naval architecture firm Bureau Mauric. The multirole VGC 32-type cutter features a rugged, long-lasting design and is ideal for all-weather operations close to shore or far out to sea. The hull is optimised for good seakeeping and low fuel consumption.

The Seudre will be followed by a sistership scheduled for delivery in Q1 of 2017. These 32m, all-aluminium cutters are designed for surveillance, inspection and interception operations within France’s EEZ. For the last role, the type features a fast launch system for a 7.5m RHIB. The sensor suite includes a gyro-stabilised electro-optical surveillance system.


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Socarenam and Bureau Mauric have also developed a compact 28m variant known as the type VGC 28. This design has a beam of 7 metres for a draught of 1.35, a top speed of 22 knots and a range of 720nm at 18 knots. The equipment fit is similar and the propulsion system identical to that of the VGC 32, with twin diesel engines and propeller shafts. Both types offer accommodation for 12 people, including a complement of ten, and can deploy a 6.5m RHIB. The French customs authority has ordered two type VGC 28 cutters for delivery in 2017.


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